There are a lot of films about older teenagers during the summer - Fast Times At Ridgmont High, even Dazed And Confused (first day of the holidays but still counts!) - but what about younger ones? As the summer holidays kick off and your kids settle into six weeks of lazing around at home, here are 5 of the best...


Kings of Summer

This little-seen indie is a gem of a movie, simple and very effective. Basically, a bunch of friends retreat to the woods and build their own house. And er, that’s pretty much it. But it’s spot-on when it comes to hanging out with your mates and doing something together, as well as teenage petulance and the odd little fallouts that happen amongst friends.

Addams Family Values


Christina Ricci goes to summer cap. That’s what makes this sequel palatable, as the creepy Wednesday dresses up as Pocahontas, gets crushed on by a nerd and tries to kill her younger brother. When she stages a camp coup, it’s frenetic brilliance.

Stand By Me


Perhaps the ultimate movie about young friendship, this adaptation of a Stephen King short story has four boys go on a journey to find the dead body of a teenage local. Poignant, funny, total genius.

The Sandlot


Set during the summer of 1962, it’s a coming-of-age pic about a baseball team which feels authentic and isn’t too saccharine.

Super 8


The second half gets a bit overblown, but the beginning of JJ Abrams’ monster movie is well-crafted nostalgia, following a group of youngsters making an amateur film in 1979 who accidentally stumble across a terrifying government experiment. The chemistry amongst the kids is especially good.

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