10 Unmissable Arena Tours This Year

This year is already shaping up to be chock-full of amazing musical treats, including these family-friendly tours covering a variety of tastes and musical styles. There really is something for everyone, so make sure you snap up tickets fast... 



On the back of the 2015 release of their new album Head Full of Dreams, and hot on the heels of their feisty Super Bowl performance, Chris Martin and the boys are preparing for a new tour full of radio-friendly classics. Get your tickets quickly though, so you beat the inevitable masses!

Family Friendly Rating: 8/10                                                                   Price: £70+


Rod Stewart


Ladies’ man Rod appears back on the UK circuit with a mix of golden-oldies and new material from his latest album Another Country. Take a trip back through time with Rod the Mod, but dads, make sure you keep a close eye on your wives!

Family Friendly Rating: 6/10                                                                   Price: £100+




After a 12-year-long hiatus the original trio of Charlie Simpson, James Bourne and Matt Willis are together again! Delivering hits from their seminal albums, as well as new material, this fiesta of hair gel and adolescent angst is not to be missed!

Family Friendly Rating: 9/10                                                                   Price: £68+



Hailing from the darkest recesses of Iowa, the monumentally successful heavy metal band Slipknot arrive on the shores of the UK next year! Delivering crushing guitars and drum savagery, this tour’s for any die-hard metalhead dads and their (slightly older) family.

Family Friendly Rating: 1/10                                                                   Price: £42+

Il Divo

If you’re looking for a syrupy slice of romantic, multinational, classical crossover then look no further than Simon Cowell project Il Divo. Bathe in the lush harmony of their velvety vocals, or just sit back and play Candy Crush whilst you’re the other family members enjoy!

Family Friendly Rating: 9/10                                                                   Price: £35+


Jeff Lynne’s ELO


After 14 years of silence, Jeff Lynne’s ELO, as they are now named, have recently released Alone in the Universe and are embarking on a tour to support the new album. One for original fans of Electric Light Orchestra, or dads attempting to showcase Jeff Lynne’s genius to their oblivious kids, this tour promises to be something special.

Family Friendly Rating: 6/10                                                                   Price: £95+


X Factor Live


If your family follow the music-making-machine that is the X Factor, then why not catch up with all your favourite artists from the series when it goes live! With reasonably priced tickets, and maybe even the chance to see the next big superstar in action, the X Factor tour is fun for all the family.

Family Friendly Rating: 10/10                                                                 Price: £22+


Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds


The infinitely more talented and slightly more likeable of the Gallagher brothers takes his critically acclaimed solo material on tour once again…and who knows, of you’re lucky you might even get to hear Wonderwall!

Family Friendly Rating: 4/10                                                                   Price: £55+


Alexander Armstrong


A bit of a wildcard choice this one, but host of BBC’s Pointless and one half of comedy duo Armstrong and Miller has just released an album of classic tunes featuring Alexander on vocals. A calming combination of soft strings and Armstrong’s brawny baritone, A Year of Songs provides an intriguing, yet ultimately easy-listening experience that the whole family can enjoy.

Family Friendly Rating: 8/10                                                                   Price: £29+


British Summer Time


Situated in Hyde Park, BST offers a family-friendly alternative to the muddy, beer-soaked traditional festival circuit. With headline acts of Take That and Mumford and Sons already announced, it’s a brilliant chance to see some fantastic supporting acts as well, and possibly discover a few new musical gems!

Family Friendly Rating: 7/10                                                                               Price: £80+


By Jake Taylor 

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