Who will be Christmas Number 1? We present the contenders...

It's that time of the year again; where we all moan that music isn't what it used to be and wonder why the kids can't listen to 'real music' and not just 'noise'. But t'is the season to be jolly and all that - and next Sunday, one of this lot will be crowned the official UK Christmas No.1. So, we may as well get in the spirit of things. Which gets your vote? 


Take That - These Days


Wives and girlfriends all over the world go giddy at the thought of these pop dads going on tour - and their success hasn't diminished, despite the fact they lost yet another member earlier this year (fond farewell Jason Orange, he had some good moves). Yep, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald managed to break the record for the most pre-orders EVER on amazon, thanks to the release of their new album, TTIII, a couple of weeks ago and although sales have dropped for the opening single, These Days, we reckon there could be a re-surge at the last minute (especially on Christmas Eve when the high street is packed and you need a guaranteed winner of a gift).

Tom Odell - Real Love


Monty the Penguin and his little pal in pajamas from the John Lewis advert have had the kids mesmerised for weeks now - but it's actually the gently wintery vocals on Tom Odell's Real Love cover that makes us adults go all goosebumpy (although, yes, the penguin is kind of cute, too). With the 'best Christmas ad' medallion firmly in Sainsbury's court (well done with that one team - it's a REALLY great ad'), John Lewis still have time to win something. So could Tom nab the No.1 slot? We think he deserves it.

The X Factor winner - TBA

If it had been Stevi Ritchie, we might have bought it...

Love it or hate it, you have to admit that Simon Cowell knows how to make a quick buck, er, we mean ‘top the charts’. Once again, the machine that is The X Factor will release a brand new 'talent' into the world after the big ITV final this weekend and on Sunday, the official winner's single will be available to download on iTunes. Kids, in their thousands, will be hitting the 'buy' button and parents, in their thousands, will shake their head in dismay. Still, perhaps something bigger and better might come along and triumph over the big man. Rumour has it that Wagner (remember him?) has a single out too...

Band Aid 30 - Do They Know It's Christmas?


Well, from recent debate, we've all established that yes, 'they' do know it's Christmas and the lyrics of this ’84 classic paint an unnecessarily bleak picture of what Africa, as a continent, is like. BUT, it's raising plenty of money for those needing support in the Ebola-struck regions and for that, we're grateful to Sir Bob Geldof. With some of the biggest names in music on the credits (Bono, Elbow, Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran...), it's certainly done a good job of raising awareness and the funds, so we wouldn't mind if Sir Bob and his compadres did nab the title.

Peace Collective - All Together Now


This is one charity record we can truly get on-board with. The cover of The Farm's classic commemorates the amazing moment on Christmas Day 1914, when British and German troops called an official truce during World War One to leave their trenches for a friendly game of football. (This is the story you can see played out in the previously mentioned Sainsbury's advert.) 100 years on, that tale is more special and inspirational than ever. 
The track has been rerecorded by the Peace Collective, who includes The Farm's Peter Hooton and Mick Jones from The Clash. Two years ago, the group - then called the Justice Collective - beat X Factor winner James Arthur to the Christmas no.1 spot with He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother, which raised awareness of the Hillsborough Tragedy.

So will you be handing over your hard-earned cash for any of these contenders? Let us know below...

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