5 facts you NEED to know about Game of Thrones Season 5

Games of Thrones is back on our screens for a fifth season – and the social networks are already gasping at the goriness of what we know is yet another awesome series (despite what the critics say)...


So as we once again get lost in a world of gruesome deaths, fornication and a lot of naked ladies, what better than some random fun facts to pull out on the missus/mates when kicking back on the sofa. Here are our favourites…


1. The crew had to build a makeshift church at their Spain location, purely so that Lena Headey’s character Queen Cersei Lannister could walk naked down the street without offending the actual local church.

2. 86,000 auditionees showed up for a role as an extra for this series. Which made things a little tough for the crew who were only looking to hire, er, 600.

3. ITV2’s Joe Fry will be taking a prominent role in the new series as his character Hizdahr zo Loraq… and yes, he is the bloke from Plebs. See, you should dream big guys.

4. Winter seems to be constantly coming in Meereen and King’s Landing, yet it looks pretty darn toasty to us. That sun's beating down like the Bahamas up in there.

5. You may think you’ve seen the last of Lord Tywin Lanniser, who died in THAT famous toilet-death seen but, well, you haven’t. Mysterious.

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