Brand NEW TV you CAN’T miss!

We’re officially out of the winter gloomy season and TV is about to get good again. How? Here's what you need to know…

Fortitude, Sky Atlantic


It’s the question everyone is asking: should we all be watching Sky Atlantic’s new show, Fortitude?

Three episodes in and the series has only just got going, so if you don’t mind playing catch up - then yes, yes you should. Set in what looks like the Norweigian Arctic territory of Svalbard, the series follows Detective Inspector Morton (Stanley Tucci) who is investigating a brutal murder in the close-knit town of Fortitude. The latest episode has seen the list of suspects dramatically rise - which is why it’s finally got interesting. The cast list is pretty impressive; Christopher Eccleston, Michael Gambon, Richard Dromer and Like Treadaway all star - but it’s almost worth watching just for the background setting. It’s phenomenally stunning.

House of Cards Season 3, Netflix


Oh yes, the rumours are true. There was a massive blunder at Netflix HQ this week and someone pressed the button to put House of Cards Seasons 3 up early. Yikes. The error was soon corrected (sadly for us), and Twitter went back to being a boring stream consisting of images of people’s dinners and Valentine’s bouquets. Nevertheless, we still don’t have long to wait because the new series begins on Friday 27 February; basically just in time for a weekend of back-to-back Frank Underwood. They thought this through well.

Game of Thrones Season 5, Sky Atlantic


It’s back! In all its gory, eye-popping-out-of-skull glory. That’s right, Game of Thrones Season 5 is expected to arrive on Sky Atlantic on Monday 13 April, just one night after its big launch in the US. Obviously there will be over the top violence, plenty of nudity and some dodgy, slightly OTT scenes of a sexual nature. But hey, that’s what we all watch it for. If we were you, we’d book off the annual leave right now.

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