Dad’s Army: TV's Greatest Dads

As the film adaptation of the classic British sitcom Dad’s Army hits cinema screens, brings you our own squad of bumbling TV patriarchs – a ragtag band of paterfamiliases who charmed their way into our hearts despite their many flaws...

Sandy Cohen (The OC)

We’re off to Orange County, California with our first pick. Sandy Cohen combines many of the best paternal attributes – a willingness to listen, corny attempts to relate to his children and a fondness for food, specifically bagels, as the answer to everyone’s problems. Despite his often clumsy delivery of fatherly wisdom – “We Cohens are very sexual beings, son” – you can always tell that Sandy’s heart is in the right place.

Martin Goodman (Friday Night Dinner)

Frequently seen without a shirt, or rummaging in the kitchen bin for a recently disposed of piece of toast, Martin may not seem like the ideal father. When we take into consideration his attempts to find his son a woman on the internet, and his reliance on a hearing aid to sidestep any tricky conversations with his wife, and it becomes abundantly clear that Goodman is definitely not a prime candidate for Father of the Year.

Phil Banks (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)

Despite being known as Uncle Phil to the Fresh Prince himself, the head of the Banks household had to deal with four children of his own in the shape of Nicky, Ashley, Hilary and, of course, Carlton. Despite his somewhat gruff attitude, Phil consistently shows he has a big heart and is happy to take Will into his care and under his wing.

Ben Harper (My Family)

As the often morose head of the Harper family, Ben can usually be found developing schemes in order to find himself some peace and quiet in his frequently hectic household. Despite this, and the criticism he receives from his family, Ben proves himself to be a sympathetic father during his son Michael’s coming out and a committed husband to Susan, his wife of over thirty years.

Homer Simson (The Simpsons)

In spite of Homer’s drinking, donuts and attempts to strangle his son Bart, the head of the Simpsons family proves himself time and time again that he is a caring father. Prone to regular gaffes and mistakes, Homer’s best parenting moments usually appear when he’s attempting to make up to his family for his frequent blunders – imagine how great a dad he’d be if he didn’t mess up in the first instance!

Hal (Malcolm in the Middle)

Although Hal is never the greatest disciplinarian, his devotion to his wife Lois remains unfaltering throughout, and even if his three sons continue to make his life difficult, Hal always sides with his family against the world. Ever a fan of bribing his kids to take the fall from Lois when he inevitably messes up, Hal also reveals many hidden talents, including a cappella singing and choreographed roller skate dancing…though his impulsiveness occasionally gets in the way of his parenting!

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