Watch Russell Brand interview Ed Miliband

With the General Election just one week away, the Labour leader talks bank reforms, tax and ripping people off... 

It’s the topic on all of our lips. The General Election is just days away now and it’s almost time to cast your vote. In this exclusive interview with Russell Brand, the Labour party’s Ed Miliband is challenged over fair tax policies and just what changes are needed to better the UK.

In the interview, Miliband acknowledges promised change can not happen overnight, but says making sure bank reforms are top priority.

“Change is hard. Changes takes time, And I’m not being a civil servant, I’m just saying that that’s the reality," he admits.

"We have to change the way banks work. Banks are a good thing, not a bad thing. We need a banking system that works for small companies and customers. We need energy companies that are successful but energy companies that aren't ripping people off.

"But it shouldn't be one rule for the rich and powerful and another rule for everybody else."

However, the politician insists people still need to register their vote – a process Brand has openly dismissed as a waste of time in recent years.

The interview was made public on the former comedian's Trews YouTube channel after a picture of the Labour leader leaving Brand’s house went public on Twitter yesterday. You can watch the interview in full below and do tell us your thoughts…


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