Review: Nonsense Limericks by Edward Lear

For silly poems that get kids giggling, nothing beats the lunacy of Edward Lear

 Essential nonsense from Edward Lear

There's a reason why so many of us can still recite limericks from our childhood. These snappy five line poems are the original ear worms – they have a clever way of wheedling their way into your brain where you know they're going to stick for a very long time. Kids love them because they're easy to remember, fun to recite to each other, and they're guaranteed to deliver a laugh. Oh, and if they are left to make up their own limericks, they're usually rude, too, so that's always an incentive.

This new collection of Lear's limericks has been updated with illustrations by the renowned cartoonist Arthur Robins. He taps into Lear's lunacy with some hilarious illustrations that the kids will enjoy just as much as the poetry. Like this one, for instance.



The Old Man of the Hague, illustrated by Arthur Robins 

There was an Old Man of the Hague,

Whose ideas were excessively vague;

He built a balloon, to examine the moon,

That deluded Old Man of the Hague.  


Of course, these are aimed at younger readers so there's an innocence and sense of fun that appeals directly to children. Not only are they comic, they really do encourage kids to try writing some limericks all by themselves. Spread the joy. Faber & Faber, age 5+

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