Review: OMG! Can You Believe It? by Caroline West and Mark Latter

Quite Interestingly disgusting 

Long suffering readers will know I’m a fan of fact books and shows like QI. This is because I’m an unutterable bore who should never be invited to the social gatherings that all you normal people with actual friends like to indulge in. I’d much rather be sat at home reading comics and telling the cat how many sweat glands there are in the human foot (250,000 according to this book, which explains why my trainers hate me as much as party organisers).

Despite having a title that makes you want to punch it, like insidious clickbait brought to life out of bits of tree and ink, OMG Can You Believe It? Is a fun little thing. In fact, It’s a shame I’ll never get to use some of these gems at one of your smiley people collections as a number of the facts are wonderfully repellent:

How I’d laugh during the soup course, mentioning how circumcised foreskins are used to heal burns patients. “Roast pork?” I’d say as the mains arrived, “that reminds me: did you know a single wild boar ejaculation produces 500ml of sperm and lasts for between five to ten minutes?” (Coincidentally, almost exactly as long as you’d all allow me to be in your houses.)

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