REVIEW: The Accidental Prime Minister by Tom McLaughlin

Grown-ups have had their turn at running things, and they've been rubbish. Now it's over to Joe, aged 12...

Heading for no 10: Joe Perkins

When pompous and decidedly dodgy Prime Minister Percival T Duckholm meets 12-year-old Joe Perkins, it's the kid who loses it and decides to tell the PM exactly where he's going wrong. For starters, Joe would like a ban on all alarm clocks (well, we'd all be nicer to each other if we had a lie-in every day, Joe figures). He'd also like wi-fi hubs attached to cats (so we'd all get reception all the time), fruit-shaped buses, and compulsory electric toilet seat warmers in winter. After Joe's tirade goes viral. he finds himself running the country.

Topical and very funny ('I'm sorry the Prime Minister can't come to the phone' Joe's mother explains when the President of the US rings to congratulate the new PM, 'he has a spot of maths homework to finish off'), this will get kids giggling insanely as they dream about what they might get up to if they ran the country. It's also a much better way to engage kids in politics than trying to explain fiscal and monetary convergence policy to them. OUP, 9+ 

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