Review: The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, edited by David A. Goodman


“Stardate 3134.0, stopped a war, defeated an evil super computer, had brilliant sex with a very blue woman and finally got the tribble fleas out of my space sofa. Just another day on the Enterprise. Spock has been getting very excited about some mineral samples. Note to self: we’ve found all manner of amazing things here on the edges of known space but finding Spock a life still eludes us.”

Thankfully, ‘editor’ David A. Goodman, screenwriter of everything from The Golden Girls to Family Guy (where he was head writer for six years) avoids such cheap shots as above, leaving that to naughty journalists like myself.

A Star Trek fan of long-standing, his book manages to be both as exciting, thoughtful, funny and heartfelt as Star Trek at its best. You don’t need to be a died-in-the-yellow-polyester-jersey fan to appreciate Kirk’s story, it’s both a well-informed love letter and an engaging read in and of itself. Great fun.

Titan Books, 8th September 2015

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