REVIEW: The Deadly 7 by Garth Jennings

If the kids aren't already mad for monsters, they soon will be


Monster mash-up


When you're aged 11 and your big sister goes missing, life is bound to throw a few curved balls at you. While Nelson's parents go off to search for sis Celeste, he's left in the care of loopy Uncle Pogo, a plumber with a hi-tech plastic prosthetic leg who works at St Paul's Cathedral and can't cook to save his life. Down in the catacombs of the cathedral with his uncle, Nelson unwittingly activates an ancient machine that unleashes a gaggle of monsters who actually make his uncle seem quiet sane. 

Adventurous, imaginative and slightly bonkers (well, aren't all the best books), The Deadly 7 is as refreshing and funny as you'd expect from the guy who wrote and directed Son of Rambow. Not only will everyone love the monsters, they will also take Nelson to their heart as our unlikely cast of heroes sets off to try and solve the mystery of Nelson's missing sister.        A treat indeed. Macmillan, age: 8+

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