If I’m honest, H wasn’t planned as J was only 6 months old when we got pregnant; I think Philbe and I felt somewhat shocked to discover we were having a baby again so soon but I just thought that we’d simply get on with it, get our heads down for those first few years of baby and toddler in tandem! 

H was around 3 months old when we discovered Philbe was suffering from Post Natal Depression; I think deep down I knew something was wrong but thankfully our Health Visitor was totally on the ball and could see that mum was struggling to bond with H and needed some practical help and support.  Although the months that followed were not emotionally easy for Philbe she pulled through and is the most amazing mum that two boys could ask for. 

What were they like for me? Well if I’m honest they gave me an amazing opportunity to bond with H in a way that I didn’t get with J. You see H was a clingy baby and craved 24/7 physical touch.  In the first few weeks of H’s life we bought one of those carry slings and H would spend pretty much all day in it when I wasn’t working.  The photo that the guys use for the blog image is my all-time favourite picture of me and H; It sums up those early years and reminds me not only how clingy and huggy Harvey was but much more importantly it reminds me of the precious bond I got to build with him through a time of real emotional difficulty for Philbe; it reminds me that even when stuff is tough we can find some good to come of it. 

Last Thursday my Harvey turned 7. I love that little dude. 


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Do your children know how to share? Why not put extra focus on sharing this week with an exciting reward for all of you at the end.

--DAD team
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Bring your children up with a firm basis for values; it is likely to impact on their behaviour in a positive way. 

--Dad team