I could tell you, as a new dad, about learning on the job and letting your child grow in their own way, helping and supporting them but your situation is a little a bit unique.

Not many fathers know the destiny of their child, we wonder whether they will be a doctor, lawyer or teacher but you already know that ultimately George will be king. He will be taught and grow knowing what the future holds. Of course he will have additional issues and will have to grow up feeling the pressure that his mistakes, unlike other children will be international news. When my son has his first night out and maybe comes home drunk or without his trousers on, his mother and I will deal with it but not have to worry that it may end up in one (or more) of the red tops.

As a dad your job is to let George make mistakes but help him learn and grow, guide him and protect him. For you and Kate, it will be more about protecting him from the media than the everyday worries of affording new shoes or school uniform. But an awkward role I appreciate but I am sure you will do a good job.

You have a strong network of friends and family - use them, talk through you concerns and get advice. Listen and let them advise you but ultimately do what you feel is right and makes you feel happiest.

As a dad we get left out a bit in the first few months.  We can feel a little distant from our partners as our child is the centre of attention – you may feel pushed out ... This is normal and happens to us all... But make time, sometimes for a night out or an early night where you and Kate can have couple time that isn't just about family or the baby. It may be hard to do but it is worth it.

I suppose I can say parenthood is different for us all ... Being a dad is unique to each of us, so regardless of our destiny or our place in society -  every  dad's journey is different ... Just enjoy it

God bless you and your family and welcome to the wonderful world of fatherhood!



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Do your children clearly know about boundaries and consequences of crossing them? Allow them to make choices within these boundaries.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Make eating enjoyable, keep it healthy & eat together. Kids need to be around others to appreciate the talk & atmosphere of food & eating.

--DAD team