Secondly, I expect there to be a lot of awkwardly funny moments over the next four weeks that will make my blogging life a whole lot easier.

I’m pleased to say that, after session one, I was not disappointed on either count!

From the off, there’s always that slightly awkward feeling when you walk in to a room full of strangers but there’s something about a shared experience that really makes the whole thing a lot easier. Not satisfied with this though, I really only hit my comfort zone once I’ve made a few jokes to cover my nerves so when asked what we wanted to learn from the sessions I couldn’t help but pipe up with “how to cope with an overdue wife!

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Do your children know how to share? Why not put extra focus on sharing this week with an exciting reward for all of you at the end.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Bring your children up with a firm basis for values; it is likely to impact on their behaviour in a positive way. 

--Dad team