Looking back in hindsight it strikes me that you so often hear of peoples momentous or humorous stories around pregnancy, child birth and early parenting - the 3 trimesters of food cravings, labour stories, all the firsts (smile, crawl, word, tooth, walk etc) - but I’ve never heard any funny or beautiful stories about the first week or so. And I think I’ve just learned why.

Here’s a small list of some of the topics covered in week 3 of our antenatal group.

  • Suturing (specifically mum only stitching for the uninitiated).
  • Baby blues (Seriously… more hormonal changes! Its arguable who will get the rougher ride here, me or Natalie).
  • Breast feeding (flat and cracked nipples, this and that swelling and inappropriate wet T shirt competitions – not that there are ever appropriate wet T shirt competitions of course).
  • Meconium (think tar mixed with super glue for your first ever nappy change).

Need I go on?

As frightening as all this is though, all I kept thinking was “What on earth can I do?

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Do your children know how to share? Why not put extra focus on sharing this week with an exciting reward for all of you at the end.

--DAD team
Tip of the day Tips archive Today's Daily Tip

Bring your children up with a firm basis for values; it is likely to impact on their behaviour in a positive way. 

--Dad team