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Relationship issues can shake us to the core. The law also has a lot to say about the interests of children and - if you’re married - family finances. So whatever you’re thinking just now, it makes sense to be informed

It is why partners family support specialist Dialogue First. They are unique in running a fully integrated network of family lawyers that meet our expectations around affordability and promote communication at what can be an extremely difficult time.

If you live in England & Wales, Dialogue First is ready to offer you – and your partner – an individual free of charge telephone consultation with a family lawyer.

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    Lee shearer Thursday, 29 March 2018

    Access to children

    My ex wife has refused access to the children , but not through the courts in an email from her stating this with amidaite effect , can she do this ? , what can I do ?

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    N Butt Thursday, 05 April 2018

    My wife have above 10 Year Mental History and now she asking for divorce

    Dear Sir

    Please advice

    My Wife have more than 10 year mental issues which diagnose Bio Polo , postnatal depression she was detained under the Mental Health Act more than one time, she had issue warning by police for domestic violence against me in 2012 , she have plenty of CP plan where written she not able to cope with children most latleast issue in 2014, she do receive PIP and i am her official carer and do receive care allowance , we have two children age 8+ and 12+ both children have history of CP due to wife mental health on risk of negation in 2009 she left country for few days and left behind weeks old son who was on breastfeeding and in 2006 she was taken away from 6 month old baby (son) and spent lot of time alone in Mather and baby unit . last 12 year some time she ill and some time she well. she not allow under court odder to take children out side UK without my permission tho i never submit that court odder to HM which issue in 2014 and have no date of expiry on it. in 2018 she left behind children twice once for 4 weeks and once for 2 week children always under my care

    Right now she well and have new women friends ( all divorcee ) , she now asking for divorce thinking she will have social house and will have batter finical life like other divorce women have as she known here in UK women have most rights than men specially if children under 16

    i am not sure what i can do , all my life i help my family to keep together and provide all activities for my children and 1st child i preppier him for 11+ test and now he is in Grammar School in year 7 . my mother in law is against Muslims and i am afriead she may effect on my children which alwyes try to do

    i am not sure who can and where i can get help , i still want my family together , i believe she under stress and inflation of bad advice from single women surrounding her and motherin law who is rassist and never hide this even not allow my wife to change her last name

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    Mindaugas Lizdenis Thursday, 05 April 2018


    My ex start hiding a daughter from me,I go court,can she have power hide the child?

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    Dave Tuesday, 17 April 2018

    Ex taken kids

    My ex has taken my kids while I was at work n not letting me c them n she's ringing police on me lieing 2 them about me n demanding money from me so she wants my kids and my money wot can I do were do I go 2 get advise I work n she can't look after them properly HELP SOME1 PLEASE

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    Guest Thursday, 26 April 2018

    Child Maintenance

    I have my child for three nights after school and a whole day at the weekend.

    There seems to be no way to reduce my CSA payments for this as the child does not sleep over which is the only factor involved within the calculations.

    As I pay for dinner four times a week I feel I should not be paying the full CSA amount but don’t know how to go about this.

    Any ideas?

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    graeme lindoe Tuesday, 01 May 2018

    refused any type of contact

    hi please can you help me in october last year my son was living with me and all of a sudden his mam turned up with 3 men and took him she rang the police who came and rang social services asking were he should go the police said there said he has to go with mam yet social services said leave it as status quo which meant he shud stay with me yet his mam was alloewed to take him 300 mile away my son has had 5 schools in 4 years while living with his mam and is way behind i got him in school and settled working well and all of a sudden this now i havnt spoke or seen my son since this day i have seen a solociter who is usless and done nothing i have made a complaint againdst police and social services over that day and i keep getting fobbed of his mother then claimed carers allowance and applied to be my appointee got paid over 4 thousand pounds i have informed dwp that this is fraud and still nothing has been done the year before she defrauded her local council of housing benefit for 4 years surley there must be something i can do

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    Shawn Wednesday, 02 May 2018

    My child is now 3 should I expect overnight stays in court

    I have a court order in place now, once he turns 3 should I be expecting overnight stays, me and mum have never live together, I've seen him every Saturday since the order was made when he was about 6months old.
    I did contact centre before then, the order says after he is 3 it says another additional visit to happen a week up to 6 hours

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    Lee Tuesday, 22 May 2018

    No access to my daughters

    I have an eight and ten year old. There mother stopped access and I have not been able to see them for 15 months. I had bad depression and hit the drink. But I have made efforts to sort myself out and now I’m in a stable and happy place.
    She has said she is not willing to give me access but will update me via email on how they are doing!
    I’ve paid for 3 mediation sessions which were progressing and now she’s not willing to go any further and is ignoring my emails. Because we had got to the point where I was asking about seeing the girls
    We have been to court 9 times previously but she doesn’t stick to the judgement. There is no comeback for her nothing gets enforced.
    I don’t want to go back to court as I am prepared to talk like adults and take things slowly. But she is holding all the cards I don’t know what to do now I am at a loss. And I just want to see my girls.
    Please can I have some advice

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    michael Sunday, 03 June 2018

    Any Free Advice for scotland

    Im in scotland is there any free legal advice available

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    S.clayb Monday, 04 June 2018

    Entitled to legal Aid ?

    My son is in court today for breach of a non molestation order he has breached this before and was given a six week suspended sentence if he was to get into trouble in any form
    His x partner kept his daughter away from him but would secretly message him
    She forced him to go to a solicitor where he had to pay for what she requested (a letter stating the contact that he wished to have with his daughter)
    My son is working my question is is he entitled to legal aid for representation for this ?

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