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Relationship issues can shake us to the core. The law also has a lot to say about the interests of children and - if you’re married - family finances. So whatever you’re thinking just now, it makes sense to be informed

It is why partners family support specialist Dialogue First. They are unique in running a fully integrated network of family lawyers that meet our expectations around affordability and promote communication at what can be an extremely difficult time.

If you live in England & Wales, Dialogue First is ready to offer you – and your partner – an individual free of charge telephone consultation with a family lawyer.

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Alternatively, you can check out the  Separation section of the site or have a look at the questions other Dads are posting in the Forum.




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    Vince Friday, 08 June 2018

    A disparate Dad

    My comment is a little bit different but want to fight for my son, Me and wife came to UK in 1999 as asylum seeker we haf our first born in 2000 our case took about 5 years and 2005 I got refused on my application and a person to be deported and I started to report on deportation centre but I appeal and I got my indefinite leave to remain, and in January 2006 we had a boy,my story is this in 2012 my wife confess about the affair she had when we were in difficult times in 2004 and ask for forgiveness and we move on but in 2014 she received a solicitor letter saying that a man who befriend her did fund out that my son is his and want to get involved in his life my tryed to convince him ,I wasn't aware of what happened but in 2016 she received a convocation and me to go to that how I find out about my son someone is claiming that he is the biological father and 2016 we went to court was my first time to see that man to cut a story short now the Judge I don't know what happened he submitted the order to that man access to my son who is nearly 13 and that came while my wife is away her Dad passed away last month she become ill and had an operation but still they didn't take it in consideration,but me in jeopardy this my son I raised him for 13 years and come and take it from me,and we found out that this was married all this time but his wife is barred can't have a child that when they tryed and find out that no chance to have a child that when the man started chasing for maybe my question is do I have right to stop this because my Son is in his puberty and also he sick now his taking a very strong medication,I don't want him to get involved in this for him to find out that I am not his biological father that can harm him please any advice,I am disparate to loose my Son.

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    Philip Large Sunday, 10 June 2018

    C100 advice

    Writing on behalf of my husband. He is applying for official residency as we have my step daughter at the moment whilst her mom yet again recovers from another bad relationship and my questions are :
    Where do I submit the c100 and do I pay for it there and then or do I send a cheque please help

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Guest Wednesday, 27 May 2020

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