What can I do during pregnancy?

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A: Men often feel a little distanced in pregnancy, as it is not something they are personally experiencing. However, there is lots you can do, for your partner, your baby and yourself!

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, and need support with different things, so listen to how she is feeling and see where you can be most useful. Pregnancy complications

Attend as many antenatal appointments, scans and classes as you reasonable can to show your support and gain an understanding about what is happening. Scans what to expect

Take the time to start to bond with your baby before they arrive – your baby will be bonding with your during pregnancy as they learn to recognise your voice and even your favourite TV show! Take time to get to know them too, before they arrive. Dads and Bonding

Pregnancy is a great time to start preparing for your role of birth partner as well as that of fatherhood. Sign up for antenatal classes and start preparing for when you will need to be very involved and hands on!
Antenatal classes, what are they?

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