I’m nervous about taking care of our baby, especially being left on my own with them. Will this pass or will I always feel like this while they are so little?

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Whether you are a mum or a dad, it is not unusual to feel a bit anxious about looking after a new baby, especially if you have not been around babies a lot before. It is common to worry about whether we will be gentle enough, whether we will be able to work out why they are crying, and so on.

To some extent, yes the feelings will pass, especially if you throw yourself in to caring for your baby. The more hands on you get, the quicker you will learn all about them and how to care for them and with that comes confidence. Baby’s home: what next?

However, anxiety can still linger for some dads, so it can be a good idea to do some preparation to help you feel more confident about life with a baby in advance of their arrival. Attend an antenatal class specifically focused on baby care skills in your area, to get hands on practice in how to change a nappy, wind your baby and even bathe them, all before they have arrived!

What goes on at an antenatal class?

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