Is giving birth really as bad as it looks on TV?

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Even though most first time parents-to-be have not seen anyone give birth in real life, we have images in our mind of what it will be like, full of screams, groans and drama.

A lot of this we get from TV, and it is important to remember that what we see there, even on documentaries, is not always representative of real life. All programmes depicting birth, even when they are documentary dramas, are specifically selected and edited to make them appeal to and pull in viewers.

The reality is that the experience of labour and birth varies tremendously from one woman to the next. Preparation is an important part of making this experience as positive as possible, which is why researching your birth plan is very important, as is attending good antenatal education classes.

Birth plans what are they?  

What goes on at an antenatal class?

While your partner is pregnant, it might be a good idea to think about what you watch on TV regarding birth. There is no saying that the birth of your baby will be anything like the drama of television – so if watching these programmes make you feel anxious or uncomfortable – don’t! 

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