Families Need Fathers

A social care and campaigning organisation founded in 1974 that aims to keep dads involved with their kids after divorce or separation.

Families Need Fathers believes that children need both parents fully involved in their lives, whoever has custody of them.

It offers advice and support to dads who are worried about losing touch with their kids. It also pushes for changes in the law and society, so both parents have equal legal status, and so care and financial support is divided equally between mums and dads.

What can it do for me?

If you have recently separated from your partner and need help or advice about staying in your children’s lives, Families Need Fathers can help you.

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    Paul Stewart Monday, 12 December 2016

    Mr Stewart

    I have split from my 15 year relationship as we were arguing to much and we have 3 boys together aged 11, 5, 4 the children are on a child protection plan for emotional abuse hence why I moved out of the family home. I did have access every 3 weeks to have them for the weekend which since getting a new partner my ex has completely stopped all contact with my children including telephone calls. I would like access rifts the social workers are trying to mediate but with no success please help as I have not spoken to my children for over 5 weeks many thanks Paul stewart

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Guest Saturday, 29 April 2017