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The FRG advice line gives advice to parents whose children are involved with childrens social care services

Social Services do not listen to the father. You literally have to go diving off Big Ben for them to pay some sort of attention’. Sam, a Dad.

The social worker actually asked if he had parental responsibility, and once it was established that I had and he wasn’t on the birth certificate she just wasn’t interested in him anymore’. Lia, a Mum.

Are social worker’s involved in your child’s life?

Family Rights Group’s advice line gives advice to parents whose children are involved with children’s social care services. This might be because social workers are worried about their child’s welfare, or because their child is in care and the parent is concerned about contact, or because the family need help to look after their child and are having difficulty accessing this extra support.

We now have a frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Dads section on our website. These FAQ are part of our wider Fathers Matter project, and came about because Dads told us they were needed. The FAQ cover issues such as parental responsibility, inclusion in decision making about a child’s future, contact with looked after children and involvement of paternal relatives

Parents ring our advice line for many reasons, when patterns emerge in the types of calls we receive we always try to look further at the reasons for these calls.

About five years ago we realised that a substantial number of our callers were Dads who were raising similar issues about the way in which they were treated by children’s social care services. Most of the fathers who contacted us didn’t live with their children, and as a result felt overlooked by children’s social care services. Some had heard very late in the day that their children had been taken into care. Conversely we heard from a father who was unaware that he had a son until he was approached by a social worker looking for a family member with whom to place the boy. Common amongst the calls from Dads was the feeling that they were not generally included in decision making about their children’s future, and that there was not adequate information to enable them to effectively engage in the process when there were concerns about the well-being of their children.

We hope that our FAQ will help Dads to better understand their legal responsibilities and rights and the options open to them. For further support contact our advice line and for more information about our Fathers Matter project visit our website.

Contact details are in the DadTalk Useful Links directory.


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  • Guest
    Aj Saturday, 01 July 2017

    Unfair judgment

    I want to have the custody of my children my wife has taken an opiate prescribing a doctor now the cps said that I'm not entitled of my kids. Even though I did nothing wrong I cooperated with them to take the drug test and I passed but yet they said they want to put the kids in the foster care anyways I live in Colorado this is really hurtful that they're not even giving me a chance to father of my kids they already told me the results what the judge is going to say that they told me the judge is going to say that the kids go to a foster home . What should I do now I have a clean record I don't know what you're supposed to tell me to do and I passed all of it .

  • Guest
    colin millage Monday, 22 October 2018

    Access to children when seperation has taken place

    A colleague of mine has been separated from his girlfriend for two years after they parted she refused to have contact with him and he is denied contact with his three children, she has moved on and now has a new boyfriend, he assure me that he has no abuse or threatening record against him, but he gets nowhere with the local school and whatever he says to the police for help they tell him to go to first response, they are no help at all, he seems totally stuck and cannot fine out where his children are, is there anyway he can track them down, he is desperate to see his children, incidentally his three children are registered on their birth certificates with his surname.
    he has since moved on and is now in a new relationship with another child on the way, he is desperate for help, can you please help.

    Kind regards,

    Colin Millage

  • Guest
    Aaron Sunday, 09 December 2018


    My partner Zoe and my son Lachlan that is now 5 months old and my daughter bella birthday today and he is 2 years old the reason why social worker took them all away from me coz of drugs and domestic violence I am on all diffent programs now for the drugs and the domestic violence and they are all helping but I am not even aloud to talk to her and she can't as well she is in a police rusfuse with social services really got it hard they even trying to jaw me for physical abuse sexual abuse

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Guest Sunday, 20 September 2020

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