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find it hard 1 week 6 days ago #107642

hello anyone that's read my previous posts should no the hassle it's always been well basically.

me and my partner decided to sepeate it all I go see my daughter and spend time with her and my family here are sepeate it's taken 9 years to get like this social services reports and almost loosing both of our kids. it's not a nice situation.

my ex doesnt no becaus if I tell her shell stop it all together the only reason shes even letting me see my daughter is because she pushes her with all her half siblings on both sides ect shes already said she doesnt care about her seeing me.

thing is when its the day before I see my daughter I get so much anxiety and I hate it I dont no how to act with a 9 year old I'm really struggling with it all as when I lost her before she was 4 and it took 2 years to get her back and since I've had her back it hasnt been smoth constantly arguments with ex ect really hard to bond with her.

does anyone have any advice on how I can bond with her and how to act because I'm really struggling g

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find it hard 1 week 6 days ago #107643


yes I remember. in your last post you wrote that you see your child alone now, to avoid tensions with your partner. it should not be that difficult to bond with her as its just the two of you. you can take her on days out. parks, shopping. seaside. eat out. end of next week cinemas are opening up again. plenty of things to do. simple things like reading a book together can help bond. pay less attention to your phone when your with your child. that way can ignore most of the crap from your ex.

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find it hard 1 week 6 days ago #107645

thankyou for your reply I really appreciate it. main issue I worry is it my ex if she finds out I'm sepearting it all she might stop it all together your reply really helped me

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find it hard 1 week 6 days ago #107646

Are You Afraid of Your Ex Wife? Face Your Fears

The following user(s) said Thank You: Lostinblac

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find it hard 1 week 4 days ago #107719

thankyou for your help another situation has arose
basically my daughter has sleepovers maybe one or twice during 6 weeks holiday ect.

I just dont no how to work around that with keeping everyone sepeate the main issue is I have no family atall neither does my partner so she couldnt even go out anywhere so were kinda stuck.
obviously my ex is a control freak plans stuff in years in advance so movement atal on anything so its never freedom just her way or no way.
also she doesnt no I'm keeping everyone sepeate and I'm just seeing my child when she finds out shes gonna kick off to mad and high chance stop me seeing her because I chose to stop it and shes not in control of what's happening am I right to think she has no right to control who meets who that there my family home here ect?
any advice on how to deal with this would be great

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find it hard 1 week 3 days ago #107727


that's right, your ex is a controlling freak. most of them are. mine never got along with my mum, so she doesn't want my mum to look after my kids lol. i ignore her nonsense. she fishes info out of the kids when they go back to her place, about what they did and who they saw. pathetic. hopefully your partner will be more understanding and not cause issues when your child stays over.

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find it hard 1 week 3 days ago #107734

just unsure what to do as when my daughter stays over my partner has nowhere to go so pretty hard to keep everything sepeate when none of us have places to go so I'm really unsure what to do I live in fear of her stopping me seeing her but shes 9 now she can never fully stop me I will just turn up at plays sports days ect I've got to keep telling myself that but I find it so hard

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find it hard 3 days 21 hours ago #107925

Hello Lostinblac,

Here are some suggestions for you that may help you with your anxiety and also deepen the relationship with your daughter.
Anxiety is very different for each person it affects, but perhaps these tips may help:
1. The night before you meet your daughter have a relaxing bath or shower and after try not to use your phone and look at any news or social media feeds.
2. Do you enjoy music? If so sit and listen to it, letting the melody and if appropriate words, really sink in.
3. Breathing techniques - there are lots of apps and information of different ways to keep calm through breathing correctly.
4. Try the 5 things you can see, 4 things you can smell, 3 things you can touch, 2 things that you can hear and 1 thing that you can taste, as a way to calm down.
5. If you read, reading is a great way to escape into another world albeit for a short time. It can relax you before you go to sleep.

With regards to your daughter:
1. Be reassuring - be brave and tell your daughter how much you care for her and that you love her, despite you and her mum not being together anymore.
2. Give praise and lots of encouragement where applicable - for example if she tells you something she did well at school.
3. Don't expect too much from your initial meetings together - she maybe feeling as nervous as you are, so begin finding out what she likes, what activities she would like you both to do together and how that could be made possible.
4. If you only have a certain amount of time, for the next meeting, try to come up with a rough plan, then at least you will have something to fall back on if needed.
5. Keep it simple and perhaps do a new activity, one that she only does with you - for example going for a walk to a certain park, or reading a favourite book of hers, or why not make a memory scrap book together, then its something she can look at when she comes to yours.

I hope this isn't too much information to take in! and that it will help you to have as an anxious free time as you can when you see your daughter.

Wishing you all the best,
Fegans Parent Support Volunteer

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find it hard 1 day 9 hours ago #108055

Hi Lost

In addition to the excellent advice from Clarinet I would also suggest doing a video call (if this is possible) with your daughter before meeting up. At first it may seem weird but she is 9 and so will be used to tech and if not will pick it up quickly.

On the call you can discuss and plan what you will be doing together when you see each other (plan the time together in advance) so that when you meet up you both know what to expect and can get on with enjoying your time together and bond based on your plans with hopefully less anxiety. On the calls you can find out what she likes, put forward suggestions and ask her to choose and if she doesn't like anything and doesn't choose anything then tell her you will surprise her, although this will be pot luck. If she is like my kids they will have weird and wonderful suggestions but actually a trip to the park, feed the ducks, run around, with an ice cream etc is all good fun.

Just be prepared for your ex who may find out what you are doing in advance to throw in spanners, delay any timings and accept this and not let it get to you.

Most importantly enjoy your time, have fun..

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