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TOPIC: Domestic violence

Domestic violence 8 months 1 week ago #102202

Hi Everyone

So this morning I thinking about domestic violence particularly when males who are abused by females and how hard it is for them, what help they receive I just wanted to share some thoughts with you guys

When a guy gets abused by a female he can get judged by his friends get called a "pussy" for not standing up to her but how can he? If he hits her even if she hits him first he is wrong and he is the abuser according to professional people if he shouts at her he's seen has emotionally abusive they are very quick to judge the guy and treat him like a villain

It's sad when a father stays in abusive relationships because he worries that he will never see his children again he certainly doesn't believe he will get custody he's that frightened of his ex and how she will respond if he did get help and left her for good

People say to me but there are less females abusing males but is that true? could there exactly be loads of guys out there that are in a abusive relationship that are keeping quiet there are definitely a lot less refugee places for men

I think things need to change for male victims of domestic it's also seems unfair that lots of dvpp don't do courses for female abusers they should be treated the same way has male abusers particularly if they are mother's and it's been proven in court that she is a abuser

Anyway I don't think anyone should abuse their partner it is so wrong male or female if you are being abused you need to seek help so many people died it really is serious if you are going through this you need professional help to get a safety plan in place to leave

I feel like domestic violence needs to be talked about more instead of people wondering why people stay in these kinds of relationships until you go through it you just can't understand the fear you feel

Please get help today if you are a victim and your reading this

Thank you

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Domestic violence 8 months 1 week ago #102211

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my ex wife had contacts who worked in this area, and I think male victims of abuse is a lot more common than most people realise, but as you say, they are very reluctant to come forward.
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Domestic violence 8 months 6 days ago #102324

My wife hit me several times, attempted to smash my car up too. But the police don't listen. CAFCASS have no interest in hearing about it either. I have never hit a woman (well, i gave me sister a few dead legs when we were kids) and you feel you cannot defend yourself against them either. You just have to try and reduce the blows as much as possible without touching her.

In the nicest possible way, if his friends were to call him a pussy for getting hit by his wife, then he should find better friends. It is such a difficult position, because if the beating was so violent and you hit back, the chances are, you are going to do more damage to her than she has to you and they will blame the male most of the time. He should report it to friends, his GP, the police and keep a record of it.

I think stats are over 2 million men a year are subject to domestic violence.
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Domestic violence 8 months 6 days ago #102328

Hi Ferfer

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts

I just want people to talk about domestic violence more

It's sad that you were a victim and the police didn't listen things definitely needs to change

I hope that what I have wrote helps people who are going through this to seek help nobody should suffer in silence
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