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TOPIC: Guilt regarding my son..

Guilt regarding my son.. 2 months 1 week ago #97375

Hi guys, i have a 3 and a half year old boy and he is my world. I have him from Friday 12 noon until Monday 1pm when i take him to nursery. Me and the mum dont get on well.
Well anyway, im through the worst of everything now, went through the courts, get regular time and left her (never him). She has an older child from a previous relationship and i left because i didnt want my son growing up seeing his daddy treated like c***.
So finally, now i just seem to be riddled with guilt. It was right to leave the relationship but whenever i see his gorgeous face i ask myself 'does he question whether i love him or not because im not with mum?'
Im currently nursing a really bad flu so this could be making me more emotional than usual, but i do have these thoughts when im well. I never left him, i left her. But i cant help feel like ive done something wrong...
Its really hard sometimes. I smother him with affection when i have him and we go anywhere and everywhere together but i dont want to become a 'Disney Dad'. Were going on holiday soon, i keep up payments to her and im always punctual. I have the flu because we were at the hospital all weekend cos he had Viral Induced Wheeze, he's better now and now ive got it.
This gets easier but its always tearing me up.

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Guilt regarding my son.. 2 months 1 week ago #97377

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I think it’s completely normal to feel guilt, but you fought for him and you have a regular routine in place, which could be the same for some Dads that get home from work when their kids are already in bed, often not seeing them until the weekends.

He is loved and treasured and is too young to remember the time before you left, the schedule that’s in place is his normal.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.
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