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education 6 years 3 weeks ago #44383

Hi guys does anyone no the exact level of education where i would no longer have to pay for maintenance my daughter is doing a foundation diploma which is the equivalent of 3 A levels then starts Uni.
the CSA website says below A level but does not say if it includes A level does anyone have any idea?

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education 6 years 3 weeks ago #44395

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There is a stick at the top of this topic on this, but A levels are included in having to pay maintenance, but University definitely isn't.

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education 6 years 3 weeks ago #44396

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This is considered as non advanced education and so she will still be eligible for maintenance/child benefit. Once she starts Uni then payments should stop.

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Mum and Grandmother, supporting my son who has residency of his son.
I want to see a much fairer system in place, where Dads and their children have a voice that can be heard.
There are many groups of people that have equal rights within our society and its about time Dads were given equal rights too.

education 6 years 3 weeks ago #44408

its confusing as the CSA page says if their in education below A level standard

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education 6 years 3 weeks ago #44543

If your daughter is doing any of these courses then it's not payable
You mention a foundation diploma see below as to which diploma it is

a degree
Diploma of Higher Education (DHE)
NVQ level 4 or above
BTEC Higher National Certificate (HNC)
teacher training

Anything not on there is classed as non advanced and CSA is still payable

A levels
International GCSEs (IGCSEs)
International Baccalaureate
NVQ/SVQ level 1, 2 or 3
BTEC, National Certificate and 1st Diploma
SCE higher grade or similar
Traineeships as part of 16-19 Study Programmes in England

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Trying to make sure the CSA/CMS do things right

education 6 years 1 week ago #45458

Hi Barnster

Thank you for your post. I am William the Child Maintenance Options consultant. I will provide some information that may help answer your query.

Under the statutory rules, regular child maintenance payments must be made until a child is 16 years old, or 20 if they are in full-time, non-advanced education (A-level or equivalent), or for as long as Child Benefit is being paid. When a child leaves full-time education in the summer, Child Benefit generally continues until the first week of September.

The definition of full-time education is more than 12 hours a week of study. You can find more examples on Gov.uk at www.gov.uk/child-benefit-16-19 .

If child maintenance is paid via the Child Support Agency (CSA) or the Child Maintenance Service, you may wish to contact the respective organisation directly to find out when your payments for your daughter will stop. You can find the relevant contact details on any letters that you may have received or for the CSA via Gov.uk at www.gov.uk/child-support-agency .

Where child maintenance has been agreed via the courts (in the form of a Consent Order or Minute of Agreement if you live in Scotland), you will need to review the terms and conditions of your agreement to find when child maintenance can cease to be paid. To do this you may wish to seek legal advice.

However, if you have a family-based arrangement in place with your daughter’s other parent, there are no strict rules to stick. Therefore, both of you have the freedom to decide the terms of your own arrangement, such as when your payments will stop. This is because a family-based arrangement is not legally-binding and there is no involvement from the courts or the statutory child maintenance services. You can find more information on family-based arrangements on our website at www.cmoptions.org/en/family/index.asp .

For more information on the ways to set up child maintenance, please visit our website at www.cmoptions.org . Alternatively, you can call us free on 0800 988 0988 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday or 9am and 4pm on a Saturday. We have a sorting out separation web-app that you may find useful. It offers help and support to separating and separated families. The link is: www.dad.info/divorce-and-separation/sorting-out-separation .



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This information which Child Maintenance Options has provided is not a substitute for independent professional advice and users should obtain professional advice relevant to their particular circumstances.

Please note: the Child Maintenance Options team cannot answer any questions relating to a specific CSA or Child Maintenance Service case
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