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TOPIC: Income Calculation - Company Cars

Income Calculation - Company Cars 2 months 2 weeks ago #98180


Having had a perfectly good private arrangement in place, where I paid more than necessary my ex has taken the route of contacting the CMS. To be honest this gives a level playing field where I no longer feel unable to voice my concerns over my children for fear of repercussions.

The CMS calculation has come through and as many of you will know includes benefits in kind. For me this is a car and private medical, which ironically actually insures my children. So non-cash income now forms part of my maintenance calculation.

I have started a government petition relating purely to this aspect of the maintenance calculation.

The petition needs 5 sponsors to go live and from there can be signed.

Appreciate this may not be for everyone, believe me it is only aimed at making sure payments are relative to earned income. For someone on a low salary who has a car as part of doing their job the impact is quite severe.

This is the link for sponsoring the petition petition.parliament.uk/petitions/256370/...n=mUAjV75A6IsKOxj0yS

This is the title of the petition once the 5 sponsors have signed it "Revise Child Maintenance calculation of income to exclude benefits in kind"

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