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TOPIC: Contractor + loss of job

Contractor + loss of job 3 days 23 hours ago #98299

Dear All:

I am after some advice. I work as a contractor. In court it was ruled I pay x amount/month (and took responsibility away from CMS). During that time I had had a contract for 2.5 years.

I subsequently lost that contract and was between contracts for around 2 months.

I let my ex-wife know this and when I restarted.

How would a court look upon this (because she has applied to court over this) - would they view it as I owe all monies despite employment status or would they view the 2 months as not payable due to the fact I had no income?

Many thanks for any advice


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Contractor + loss of job 3 days 10 hours ago #98307

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Hi there

I’m really not sure to be honest, it might depend on what savings you have, but I could be wrong. If it were the CMS you wouldn’t be expected to pay for the period you were unemployed, but a court order is a different matter.

Just to mention for future reference, with court ordered child maintenance, after 12 months the paying parent can open a payment claim with the CMS, which would override the court order. If you wanted to look into it, it would be worth using the CMS calculator to see if you would benefit from doing that.

All the best

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