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TOPIC: German Maint whilst living in UK

German Maint whilst living in UK 4 days 19 hours ago #99443


I was married to a German national and we had two children. When we divorced and I left Germany we made an agreement I think through the local council for maintenance, something I felt pressured to do and also didn't fully understand.
When I left Germany I was paid reasonable well by the British Army and now I am a civilian am paid no where near that same but my amount is still the same.

I have tried to communicate with someone from the council in Germany but they will not communicate with me in English (Which I understand).

How do I see about either changing the amount I pay in maint or have this sorted through the UK as I will understand everything if corresponded with.

Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

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German Maint whilst living in UK 4 days 15 hours ago #99444

Hello Rhodeng100

Child Maintenance Options can provide information around the ways that maintenance can be arranged, however, the information they hold is based on both parents living in the United Kingdom. As your child maintenance was arranged in Germany, you would need to seek legal advice regarding whether it is possible to make any changes to that arrangement.

The DWP have a sorting out separation website that you may find useful. It offers help and support to separating and separated families. The link is: www.sortingoutseparation.org.uk/ .



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