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TOPIC: Standard Child Maintenance Questions

Standard Child Maintenance Questions 2 months 1 week ago #109035

Hello Fellow DILF's,

So, I did what no doubt most of us have done and left a toxic relationship. Mine in 2014 and walked away with clothes and a snowboard. Freedom comes at a cost which is worth paying for along side showing stability and how things should be for our children.

Anyhow, my CMS seems to be going up faster than my pay which seems a little strange but they are a strange and mysterious department. :whistle:

So I am at the point where it is ridiculous and I am wondering what I can get them to take into account.

In short, I am moving in with my other half and she has a daughter so I know that will be taken into account but I am wondering if her wages will also be included?
I also travel 19 miles each way to collect my Son on my days that I have him.
I don't pay into a private pension so that can't be offset.

In short for those who can't be bothered to read the lot, I am wondering is there a definitive list of things I can get taken into consideration anywhere?

Thanks in advance.


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Standard Child Maintenance Questions 2 months 1 week ago #109038

Hi Monocoll,

I've literally come off the phone to the CMS asking these questions (I have another thread which I will update in a mo)...

In answer to your question there is no definitive list but there is a list of guidelines on the CMS website with the caveat that each case is reviewed on its own merits.

To make a variation your expenses have to be more than £10 per week (I believe fuel is calculated at a rate of 9p per mile so your 19 miles won't count). Also any expenses are never just deducted from the amount you pay but instead reduce your gross annual salary and then your CMS amount is recalculated so for small value expenses your CMS amount would (if they agree to review) drop by only pennies and pounds per month.

Major expenses such as contact centre costs or paying for your exs debts eg car loans have a much larger impact on your CMS payment being reduced.

Your new partners wages are not considered at all ever.

Your payment may feel like it has gone up if there has been a change in your salaries between the previous 2 tax years and you have just had an annual review (if your salary has gone down eg furlough then it really will feel like a significant increase!).

Paying into an occupational pension is significant and I was told today that payments upto 22% of my salary would be considered. Plus the older you get the higher the pension contributions can be considered. So if you are not paying into a pension really consider this.

Hope this helps.

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