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TOPIC: Child maintenance an housing

Child maintenance an housing 3 weeks 2 days ago #109923

Hi, I'm new here and in desperate need of advice really. Basically i left my wife in March 2019 because of domestic abuse. I reported my ex-wife to the police and now my ex is facing trial in November after pleading not guilty to domestic controlling and coercive behaviour. During the time i left and now i had applied twice for a non-molestation order due to the amount of abuse i was receiving from my ex via text and emails. First time my ex gave an undertaking to the court not to harass, pester, threaten etc. She breached that so i took her back to court and she gave another undertaking to the court.
We were living together with our 2 children in a property own by a housing association. I had been bidding every 2 weeks on home-link for 6 years until we were finally offered the property. Our housing officer was aware of what was going on but the housing association did nothing.
So basically i left, lost my children and my home because of her.
With child maintenance we initially agreed i would pay £300 a month. Then my wife changed her mind and wanted the full amount. So i paid what i needed to using the government calculator. After a few months my wife contacted the CMS as she did not believe i was paying the right amount but i was and their calculations were the same as what i was paying.
My ex earns a lot more than me being a social worker of all people. The rent for the property is £505 per month. Pennies really and considering i am paying £350 child maintenance my ex is laughing.
My post is not so much of a question but a rant of sorts. I dont mind paying for my children but the fact i know that not all that money goes on them boils my blood.
Has anyone else been in a similar position?

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Child maintenance an housing 3 weeks 1 day ago #109926


sorry you had to go through that. a lot of us have, one way or another. mine ran off and tried to scam a council flat. 3 kids, benefits and CMS, so happy days for her lol. it sucks that CMS do not police the maintenance money, so ex can do what they like with it.

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