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TOPIC: safe guarding

safe guarding 4 years 4 months ago #72925

Good morning can you advise, I have just received a text from my x partner saying I cannot pick my children up tonight, saying she has safeguarding issues and will not let me see the children. It says in my court order that she has to make them available for me Thursday through until Monday.

I rang social services as I was concerned about the mental abuse is happening to them and they advised me there was a call made to them by my x partner and no further action will be taken,

I rang the children last Saturday and I did shout at them over the phone but they was at their moms, then all of the sudden I have no contact with the children by phone, Facebook etc. then on Tuesday my son called me at 2pm when he should be at school, asking me what is going on, like he was trying to integrate me like someone was listen to the phone call.

Then I had a call from my son and daughter on Wednesday making plans for the weekend.

Than today had the text saying I cannot see them, I can't even contact them by phone.

I have never hurt or hit my children in way shape or form hey have never said anything like this before.

If anything I have concerns about the children living with my x and her husband as 3 years ago I was set upon by them 2 and badly beaten up and her husband went into the kitchen and got a 8inch kitchen knife and threatened to stab and kill me.

She said she has submitted papers to the court yesterday..

I think she is wanted me to go round and confront her why I can’t see the children but past experience tells me no

But all I want is to see my children.

Please advise

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safe guarding 4 years 4 months ago #72927

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If she has applied to vary the existing order, she should have attempted mediation first as this is mandatory before being allowed to make that sort of application (unless she is trying to claim exemption from mediation).

You can either wait until you receive court papers; assuming she has actually made an application, or, make an application for enforcement of the current order using Form C79, this type of application does not require attendance at mediation and a hearing is listed more quickly than for variation.

You could contact her in writing pointing out that Social Services have no concerns, that she is in breach of the order and if she does not comply, you will make an immediate application for enforcement.

I wouldn't in the meantime, advise shouting at your children over the phone if you get to speak to them.

Good luck

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I have several years experience supporting parents in family proceedings as a McKenzie Friend. I am, however, not a lawyer or barrister and my responses are based on my own opinions or experiences of the family court.

safe guarding 4 years 4 months ago #72991

thanks for that, i have submitted a C79 form today also i asked if ant papers were submitted by my x partner and the answer was no. how long does it take for them to process the form?

i still cant speak to my children, im sure she is waiting for me to get upset and go round there demanding to see the children, she will be waiting a long time im not that stupid.

i have no contact from authorities etc

just want to see my daughter she loves her dad so much , but it is my son that has been poisoned and manipulated by my x

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safe guarding 4 years 2 months ago #74016

Sounds like my situation. My advise is to write an email/letter to your ex and explain that if she doesn't follow the court order you will be filing paperwork. This has worked on my ex a few times. Also, if your kids ring you up, don't shout argue with them as it may be used against you.

My ex, has done stuff like this to try and get me to snap. Just remember if you do, it will make you look like the unreasonable/unstaible party.

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