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TOPIC: Which is which? or just plain fact ?

Which is which? or just plain fact ? 7 years 4 months ago #18085

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22nd September 2012

Last week a white English woman lodge complaint against a white truancy officer who told his mixed race child in school that he would struggle in life because he is not a white British boy and needs to buckle up with his education. The police are currently investigating the matter and the school has issued an official apology to the mother. The mixed race boy is said to have ADHD
Just this week a black teenage boy had a row with his father who is of black African origin, because he does not want to further his education beyond his secondary school and is contemplating opting for an NVQ course after school. Although the school is not aware of this situation, his official school report shows that he is an A student in most of his subjects. His parents said he has good family relationship at home but are worried that he is being influenced by his friends who are all white.
Well, well , well talk of a can of worms...
What is the mixed race boy's father view about the white truancy teacher comment?
Has the white British woman experienced race discrimination?
What about the question of the black teenager whose father apparently happens to be of first generation black Africa origin in UK with two university degree and a higher degree education that was partly achieved here and abroad.
According to the black father his son stand no chance in terms of future career prospect without a university degree, he said if his son continues to associate with his white friends who show no interest in their education he will end up being worse off because the system will favour them over him in future. So are there no black teenage boys who are keen in having university degree qualification that the boy can associate with?
Is that stretching it too far? Perhaps encouraging him to attain at least higher degree qualification would that have suffice?
(The young black boy's father comes from a culture which believes that education is the core value to the foundation of human success)
Does the system generally, still discriminate against young black boys? Really? If that is the case what difference does it make if the boy has a university degree or not after all the system is still white dominated and will continue to be so if you work it out according to the race populace per head.

Having traveled and experience different countries in Europe, as a black person I still believe UK has one of the fairest race-relationship if not the best compared to other European countries yet there is an undeniable fact in the comments made by the truancy officer and the father of the black young teenager or perhaps that is false view that is tarnishing the system with such single statement?

Just to side tack a little here, I happen to engage with young white boy many years ago diagnosed as having ADHD and uses medication to control his condition Over a period of about two year that i knew him he often stays with us for periods at a time and without his medication rarely exhibit the classic symptoms of ADHD. His family were not to keen with him associating with us coupled with the fact that he was a good source for the family claiming DLA and moved houses about five times during that period. Are we part of the problem or solution to our children future.?
Is it wrong to use what ever resources you have to survive?

Just wondering

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Re: The irony of the black and white race 7 years 4 months ago #18101

I actually thought the truancy officer was talking sense. If you are seen as a trouble maker, which is how people will see the ADHD kid, as they are not walking about with a label, then he will have to "knuckle down" and work hard. He will be put in a category being black and disruptive. Not politically correct but realistically true.
The easy answer is that he is being influenced by friends. Generally A students do not get influenced by lesser able kids and if grades slip it is down to home life are my thoughts
Always a difficult one.

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