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TOPIC: Children in need

Children in need 6 years 7 months ago #37451

Had two rather nice surprises today...

1) 08:25 I got a random text from my very strangely behaved ex whom hates me, offering me to have my son for this afternoon, no strings attached... (This really NEVER happens!!!) --- Yay! - I had him all afternoon after I finished work.

2) at 11:50am (Ten mins before i finished work) all hell broke loose at school, kids all over the place, turns out that ten mins before, BBC's one show Children in needs team who were doing a rickshaw challenge, wanted to make an unannounced stop in our playground to change bike riders and interview kids.....

I left before they arrived BUT as my route took me right past them I saw and waved at the BBC crew... Kids apparently loved it... Great stuff...

Today was a really great day and best of all, I get my lad again tomorrow! YAY...

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Life changed Sept 13 when my son came along, even thoough life is hard, he is worth every effort and my life is complete.
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