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TOPIC: Runaway mother 'manipulated press'

Runaway mother 'manipulated press' 5 years 1 month ago #64682

Runaway mother arrives at court today to hear the judge's ruling

The actions of a runaway mother at the heart of a custody battle were "utterly irresponsible", a judge has said.

CM and relatives tried to manipulate the press with a "publicity stunt" when she fled with Son, three, Judge Stephen Wildblood QC ruled.

But he said he would do what he could to ensure Child had "an effective relationship with both parents".

CM, handed herself in on Friday after more than two weeks in hiding with Son.
CM and son disappeared from their home, the day a judge ruled child should live with his father.

'Invented allegations'

In a judgement at Bristol Crown Court, Judge Wildblood said that had been an "utterly irresponsible way to behave" when the interests of a child were paramount.
He said she and relatives had tried to cause a "manipulation of the press".

And he said that during the two-year custody battle between CM and CF, it had "been found that the mother positively invented allegations against the father on two occasions".

Child was reunited with his father on Friday evening.

While in hiding with child, CM gave interviews by telephone to two national newspapers.

In the written judgement, Judge Wildblood also said his "principal task" was dealing with Child's future - some of which would be resolved by the court "sitting in private".

He said he had to ensure there were no more attempts by CM and her family to "manipulate public opinion".

"I may also have to look at what should be done about CM behaviour in breaching previous court orders," the judge added.

"I anticipate that there needs to be a short period of time in which people can take stock of what has happened and reflect on what they want to achieve."


Stern warnings by the Judge, but let's see what is decided at next directions hearing.

It is worrying when the Judge states the child should continue to have "an effective relationship with both parents" after what has gone on...first thing get the child set with CF and then an assessment of the CM for next hearing...even before discussing supervised contact.

Sound reasonable?

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Runaway mother 'manipulated press' 5 years 1 month ago #64704

It'd be reasonable if the genders were switched Im sure, as would how irresponsible the father had been. Theres a thread on netmums that defies belief.

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Ive been through it like most on here.

Remember to say "it could be worse" is equitable to telling a happy person they could be happier. People feel what they feel.

I have some knowledge of some stuff.

Runaway mother 'manipulated press' 5 years 1 month ago #64711

I'm sure there are other forums that take another view.

At the end of the day, it should always be about the best interests of the child/ren.

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