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TOPIC: Brexit - warning of increased violence

Brexit - warning of increased violence 3 years 4 months ago #81235

Brexit will inevitably happen, but is just me who is getting fed up with some of the arguments on both sides?

The latest one which is making me wonder if we are living on different planets is the response to the EHRC chief, David Isaac, warning that there may be a spike in hate crime when article 50 is triggered and the talks begin. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4132664...voke-hate-crime.html

So how unsubstantiated is his claim?

The number of hate crimes leaped by 41% in the month after the vote to leave the European Union, new Home Office statistics confirm.

A daily breakdown of the hate crime offences reported to the police showed the number of incidents doubled in the days after the referendum. The level peaked at 207 incidents on 1 July, twice as many as before the vote, when the level was already unusually high.

In July, there were 5,468 hate crimes – 41% higher than July 2015. A Home Office report on the data noted that the “sharp increase” in hate crime was not replicated in equivalent offences at the time.

On Sunday, the LGBT anti-violence charity Gallop reported a 147% increase in crimes against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

Finding sources for the increase in hate crime against disabled people is a lot harder to find but I have seen one figure of 44% increase. In short the figure for race or religious hatred is the 41% figure used. These are also reported figures, so the true figures are likely to be much higher.

The people's voice. The justification for turning on people who disagree with the vote is that the people spoke, and parliament must follow. Not all areas voted to leave the EU, Using this logic should the MPs in these areas not represent their constituents views? No, instead there is a very vocal pro exit supporters giving grave warnings of what will happen if they do. So we have moved away from the people's voice to mob rule and an attempt to bully and shut up anyone who dare to oppose their views.

Considering the spike in hate crime after the referendum, when the people got what they wanted, it does seem likely that we will see other spikes.at key points during the process, including the triggering of Article 50. Will it definitely happen? No, but the frenzy built up during the campaign and since makes it more likely, after all intimidating those who oppose has been seen as an acceptable tactic. What if all those promises do not happen? When promise of a golden future turns to dust? Where then will all the anger turn?

Is this a suitable topic for dads? I asked myself this question before posting and I believe it is. Dads come from all sections of our society despite ethnicity, religion, sexual identification or preference and disability. These are issues which will affect some of our children.

As dads we can also have a big influence on how children think about and view the world around them. If a healthy child grows up with just negative views of disability and the disabled what happens if that child then becomes disabled during later life? Similarly there will be dads whose children are severely disabled from birth, or become so afterwards before reaching adulthood. A common view today is if you do not contribute to society - read work and pay taxes - you should not be able to benefit from the state. Conservatives have already played with the idea of paying lower benefits to these children when they reach adulthood. In effect being punished their whole lives for being disabled. But that is okay because it is 'fair' as they will never contribute, or is it?

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Brexit - warning of increased violence 3 years 4 months ago #81248

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surely it is the sign of a civilised society that we take care of those who can't take care of themselves through no choice of their own.

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Brexit - warning of increased violence 3 years 4 months ago #81251

I agree with you actd, but this is not what is going on in the UK at the moment.

We had a situation where too many people were being put on permanent disability and forgotten about. When I became unemployed due to severe back pain the JSA suggested I see my doctor to be signed off unfit to work. I spoke to my doctor who said they were happy to do so, but it would mean I would never work again. I could not accept that and chose instead to put up with years of humiliation by the JSA.

So in principle when in 2010 the Conservatives came in and promised to tackle this I agreed in principle but had concerns how it would be implemented.

Work capability assessments have a huge failure rate, people assessed as unfit which have then been overturned at tribunal. Success rates in appealing decisions have been consistently been between 40 and 70%. Higher successful appears when individuals have had support. Reports into the deaths of claimants where it has been shown the process itself and outcomes have had a direct result in those deaths were aggressively hidden from the public, even after ordered by courts to publish.

The high success rate in appeals was the reason for the introduction of the mandatory reconsideration before going to appeal and when that did not work they have looked at how to deny disabled people the right to appeal.

Those found unfit to work 'at this point' were put into a separate group where they were given 'support' to prepare to return to work. That support has had very little to do with dealing with the issues those people face, medical, physical or psychological and more to put pressure on them to look for work and apply sanctions when possible. When the claimant in this group failed to return to work with same rate as those on JSA it was decided to cut the amount they are paid.

It has been reported that when considering the possible negative effects of forcing some claimants into work - those with psychological problems - the benefits of work should be considered when considering the potential risks for the individual.

The example I gave in the opening post of paying less to those whose childhood disabilities mean they will never work, is only a tip of the iceberg. Many people with disabilities are socially isolated and we are putting many into poverty and making them economically inactive. While a lot is made about paying taxes the poor often pay more in taxes, through vat. They are often not in a position to achieve savings in their shopping habits. . A good example is gas and electricity. In order to budget many will have card or key meters for which they are paying a premium and so a higher price. One reason why someone who had diabetes was found dead after being sanctioned by the DWP. They had insulin, but no electricity to power the fridge to keep the insulin fresh. To have access to the internet you virtually need the added expense of a phone line, extra cost for the internet, a computer - or device able to access the internet and the skills to be able to search and compare prices to achieve some savings, all of which are out of some peoples reach.

Even the local services these people depend on are being removed as cuts to council funds mean more and more are removing additional services to protect core functions they are legally obliged to supply. These are effecting not only those with disabilities but the elderly and children. These cuts have been more severe for councils high deprivation in their areas rather than the richer ones.

I am fortunate, Despite being in my mid 50's I earn more now than I ever had, and have the lowest costs I have had in decades, even though I have yet to reach the average wage. I am at the beginning of a new career which means there is plenty of scope of increasing my salary significantly in the next few years. Besides the basics, rent, travel to work and food my outgoings are low, which mean my daughter benefits from the low taxes. But across the board I am sickened by what is going on in this country in the name of what is 'right'.

We are told that we need to reduce our deficit so our children don't end up paying for it, yet many children are paying for it now, but funny enough not for those who keep telling us this as we become more polarised and the fastest growing group of children in poverty are those with parents in work in low paid insecure jobs. But I guess we are all in this together, aren't we?

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Brexit - warning of increased violence 3 years 4 months ago #81257

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Well said, OddFather, the plight of our poor, sick and vulnerable is a source of constant worry for me, but I can see no end to this gross neglect of our NHS and social care services, as our political parties in opposition are in complete disarray.

I generally steer clear of talking politics on here, but what is unfolding before our eyes is a national disgrace.

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DadTalk Moderator... I'm not legally trained and my responses are my own views based on my experiences of the family court. I have plenty of common sense and can offer you emotional support and guide you to answers.

Brexit - warning of increased violence 3 years 4 months ago #81270

Hi Mojo,

I agree that politics can be a dangerous topic for supportive forums like this one, but most of us discuss politics in one form or another. Be it disabilities, separated families, LGBT issues, housing, health, homelessness etc are entwined with politics, as they are subject to those who make decisions and laws on our behalf. IE politicians. Even down to how often our bins are collected is a political decision, a balance between encouraging recycling and making the books balance.

In the end forums such as this are left to support people through the legal processes that arise, as well as the emotional and mental health issues that arise.

Sadly I also have to agree with you that there is a lack of a credible opposition at present, something which is never good for democracy, who ever is in power.

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