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TOPIC: School advising my daughter

School advising my daughter 3 years 3 months ago #82225

My ex wife today has informed me that my 13 year old daughter does not want to see me any more because on the one day of the week that I have her I had to tell her off for something. This was the second time in ,4 years that I have done this. My ex wife informs me that this is her decision and that she stands by it.
She also informed me that my daughter had spoken to her mentor at school about this as well and that some advice had been given.
I would like to know if I have a right to go into the school and ask to speak to the teacher concerned as there has been no contact with myself.I would like to do this as this teacher has obviously given advice without consulting myself.
The other issue I would like some advice on is how do I repair this issue with my daughter as only last week we were together and she told me She loved me and I was the best daddy in the world.
I only told her off for playing on her phone whilst with me, so nothing serious. Because my ex wife supports any decision she makes and has never supported me as her father she is not backing me whatsoever.
Any advice would be welcome as I'm now worrying I might not get to see my daughter.

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School advising my daughter 3 years 3 months ago #82231

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If you have Parental Responsibility then the school can deal with you so that you can get to the bottom of this.

The mother sounds like she is doing very little to support the relationship with your daughter

Perhaps you could try asking the mother to encourage her, it's part of her job as a parent to encourage positive relationships with her father and other family members.

If the mother won't back down, you could try mediation and ultimately court if that fails

Hopefully the school will be quite helpful
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