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TOPIC: Youth Violence

Youth Violence 11 years 6 months ago #528

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I was reading the article on "youth violence is not about race", https://www.dadtalk.co.uk/news/youth_vi ... t_race.php

Living in London it often seems that it has everything to do with race, as it always seems to be black on black. I think though that it is a lot more to do with education and role models which perpetuate education.
My wife is a teacher in an inner London school. The sad aspect for me is that in the top sets you mainly have white/chinese/indian kids and in the bottom sets mainly black boys (a london centric issue??). The kids in the top set will normally not get into any trouble and those in the bottom set always get into trouble.

Although to link back to the article the boys in the bottom set are there, in the main, because they are very disruptive, rather than very slow learners. Nearly everyone of them, if not everyone of them comes from some sort of dysfunctional family where there is often no male role model and work and education are not sought after and often the parent can provide no assistance to the school in managing their child.

Is it any wonder then that these kids end up on the streets in trouble when the parent(s) who have responsibility for them abdicate their responsibility and want to push that responsibility onto other parts of society, except when it comes to those parts of society disiplining their child.

I suspect that until responsibility is pushed back to where it orginiates then this problem will only ever get worse whatever else is done.


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