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TOPIC: Are men and women from the same planet?

Are men and women from the same planet? 10 years 3 months ago #5907

A news story ( [url:3jscv3me] www.dadtalk.co.uk/families-and-relations...from-the-same-planet [/url]) from The Daily Mail appeared on the DadTalk homepage today, all about a new book stating most of the differences between men and women are based on nurture - or their environment - rather than nature - or their biology. This argument flies in the face of the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus idea that men and women are 'hardwired' differently from birth.

What do you guys think? Do you see differences in your relationships that are definitely biological?

What about dads of kids of both genders? Are their differences inbuilt? Or do their traits seem pretty similar?

Our baby is still in utero, so I can't speak from personal experience as far as my own kids are concerned, but this story comes to mind:

One of my university professors was a die-hard feminist, and refused to buy her daughters dolls or 'genderise' them in any way. But one day she came into class and announced she'd given in because her two-year-old had taken to carrying around a bag of sugar and cuddling and kissing it like a baby.

It's possible she picked this behaviour up by watching someone else with a baby, or that the same thing would've happened if she were a boy, but it is an interesting social experiment.

I'd love to hear what you think!

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DadTalk Editor

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Re: Are men and women from the same planet? 10 years 3 months ago #5930

That is a great story about the feminist.

I have a girl 8yrs and 2 boys 4yrs and 2yrs. I think they are naturally hard wired to their respective stereotypes. I think there are varying levels ie. some girls are naturally more girly than others. but I was amazed at the difference between my daughter and when my son came along. My daughter would sit nicely and flick through books as a toddler and spoke beautifully at a very early age. when my son came along he was much more boisterous, always wanting to bash something against something else, roll around, loves rough and tumble play.
Having said that these attributes are enhanced by the way we nurture them. I think it is a natural instinct for most mothers to encourage their daughters to behave more maternally. and in turn for dads to encourage rough play and boisterousness in their sons. When we all lived in the forest this would have been a necessary part of life, to prepare them for adult hood from an early age.
in short Girls are easier than boys because they behave better in public but as the get older they become very emotionally charged and end up bringing home spotty oiks. Boys on the other hand are a nightmare in the early stages as they will attempt to climb or destroy everything and anything, but are more simple to deal with apart from when they bring home a pregnant girlfriend!!!

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