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Raspberry Pi, eh? I might have to look that up 8)

TeacherUK wrote: Hey, I have a big retro collection, probably 2000 games at the highest but since I found that eBay prices are quite mental i've sold off a few hundred games I don't really play. Pretty much everything I have was £1 from the car booter, so to see the odd game go for £30 or £40 has been great! My best sale has been Castlevania Symphony of the Night for the PS1 which I got for £2 from a charity shop and sold for £90!!!

I've been running a Raspberry Pi with emulators for six months now, I have the best Snes, megadrive, and PS1 games on it. A brilliant device for about £50 all in, highly recommended. The kids love playing on cartridge games though, and when I put a SNES in the lads bedroom it was a massive hit. Mario Kart and Bomberman see as much use as Skylanders on the PS3 in our house :)

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In my youth, more years ago than I care to remember, I was an avid gamer.
From the Spectrum ZX, master system and megadrive days, progressing into the N64, Dreamcast and PS1.
I fondly remember completing Metal Gear Solid three times consecutively over a weekend before going to sleep, and racking up 140 hours on Final Fantasy 7.

I've owned most consoles at one time or another, and used to PC game alot too - though that kind of drifted off way back when Supreme Commander was fresh on the shelves! Nowadays I mainly stick to my PS3, when i get the opportunity to play it! (Bought the 50" tv for my gaming - now it proudly displays "the great british bake off" or "strictly come dancing" sigh!)

I have around 90 titles for my PS3, including the usual COD, Battlefield and other FPS games, as well as a multitude of "Lego" spin off games to play with the kids! But I hold a very special place in my heart for the Assassins Creed and Metal Gear Solid series of games.

... The only issue I have is that, when finally getting round to playing the latest Metal Gear recently, I picked up the controller, got stuck in and realised - I was rubbish!! All those years of gaming experience have faded away, leaving me to get my butt kicked by 10 year olds like a noob.

Determined to get back on par though! Lol.

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Gamer Dads 5 years 1 month ago #54869

Nice man, elite dangerous is a very good game, i have a few friends that play it and have been considering buying it myself. I have got my eye on StarCitizen (similar to ED) but with FPS on planets, exploration and scanning of planets, pirates, trading. Multi crew ships (either with your friends or bots). some ships will have medical bays, fighter ships or exploration buggy's in the hull. Being able to walk round and fight over space stations. The only true next gen gaming i have seen. Check it out.
Please bear in mind though this is in early alpha and your not just buying the game, you are backing it. Moduals of the game (Fighting and racing currently) are out but as soon as it comes to beta, moduals will be no more and the persistent universe will be out.

If you need any help in building your new PC you know where i am. Just send me a PM

ED has low specs so i would recommend getting a GTX660 - they are cheap now because the new 900 series is out and would run perfectly fine.

I have two Radeon 5850's running in crossfire (uses both cards in both PCI-express slots) and that does the trick on all games.

Anyway, i bet this forum has never seen so much geek. :) more to come if needed.


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Gamer Dads 5 years 1 month ago #54934

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Im trying to get my head around Battlefield 4 on the xbox.

Any tips?

Im sitting down with a cup of tea in 5 to give it a go.



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Gamer Dads 5 years 3 weeks ago #55882

Hi Dave, sorry its been a while since iv been on here.

BF4 - Buggy as hell game and a massive disappointment to the BF franchise imo. Should be fixed now though because of all of the patches and netcode updates.

If your starting out, go assault (medic) find an assault weapon your comfortable with and get in the thick of it. Peak corners and use cover. revive when you can and throw medkits. You get more points for reviving or healing squad mates.

Soon you wont care about points because you'll get some great weapons then it will just be about winning the game! People care too much about their Kill to Death ratios. But you can be sat on a hill killed 30 people and still lose.

I got bored of public game play and thats not because i was being big-headed and saying im better than everyone else, but because i wanted organised game play. So i started ESL matches and Scrims. All PC. but i dont think you can do that on console.

Get straight in and make their lives a misery. XD

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Gamer Dads 2 months 4 weeks ago #100736

Always love a bit of Gaming especially on my PS4 soon to be PS5 :) , i have always had a computer or console from the commodore 64, sega megadrive, super nes, all the playstations.

You definitely can't beat a bit of gaming when bored or the tv remote has been taken off you.

I still game but my time is being taken up with my current website but there is always time i guess.

Keep on Gaming!

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Gamer Dads 2 months 4 weeks ago #100737

cool thread. lately have just been playing Red Dead 2 on PS4. has lot of soundtracks which reminds me of my marriage breakdown lol: cruel cruel world. Thats the way it is. Stand Unshaken :)

my 6 year old likes it too. not the violence, but just aimlessly riding around on a horse.

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