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TOPIC: I really need help

I really need help 2 years 1 month ago #91361

Hi there.. my x split up with me on the day our son was born. She has allowed me to see me son for 2 - 3 hours on one of my days of. But she always has someone else there as well. I was telling her for ages that we needed to go register our son. One day I went round only for her to tell me that she has now registered him. So now I am not on the birth certificate of our son.. this has hurt me a lot. That is one proble I need to solve the other is she won’t let none of my family or friends meet my son not even my dad has meet him. It is breaking me really bad. Since she lets our son stay at her sisters and all her family and friends have meet him as well.. this is really unfair. I don’t know what to do and I really need some help.. we was never married.. my son was born on mother’s day please any advice you guys could give me would help loads.. I still give her money for our son and have recently changed the reference to say for my son..

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I really need help 2 years 1 month ago #91375

hey and welcome

Have you and your ex ever had any previous relationship trouble? or was it just a sudden break up?

If she is being difficult then the 1st step is offer mediation and if she will not do that then you have to get the mediator to sign page 19 of the c100 application form for contact.

you will also need a c1 to apply for parental responsibilty as you will not have this by not being on the birth certificate

DO NOT engage in any kind of argument with her and keep your cool and be nice...yes its hard but at least at the moment you dont have any allegations being thrown at you and you dont want any future ones

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I really need help 2 years 1 month ago #91378

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Hi and welcome to the forum

As the previous post says, you need to apply for Parental Responsibility and attempt mediation so that you can a court application form signed off.

Unfortunately for now, you might have to jump through the restrictive hoops the mother is setting in order to keep seeing your child.

It's totally unfair that your family are being shut out, but don't lose seeing your child over this until you can get the matter into mediation, or court if necessary.

Don't fall into the trap of arguing with the mother - as mavic has said, keep your cool and just be aware of what you can do to get the ball rolling to the next stage.

Best of luck

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I have several years experience supporting parents in family proceedings as a McKenzie Friend. I am, however, not a lawyer or barrister and my responses are based on my own opinions or experiences of the family court.
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