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TOPIC: Advice wanted -DVPP referral

Advice wanted -DVPP referral 2 months 9 hours ago #91788

I have just received an email from the guardian who is making the referral in regards to a DVPP course

She has asked me if I could give her my current partners contact details

Here is the email -

I am currently completing the referral for the Change Project. This requires the name and contact information of your current partner and your consent to this. Is your current partner aware of the referral and circumstances around this and would she consent to someone from the change project contacting her if necessary?

Is this ok? She knows the circumstances etc as I’ve been with her through this court process

I do not live with her

I have discussed the matter with her

Am I obliged to do this and how would it affect me and the consequences for her?

I’m sure she would be willing for me to share her contact information as she’s been very supportive of me


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Advice wanted -DVPP referral 2 months 4 hours ago #91791

Hi There,

I would put this in her hands, ask if she is ok with it, by the sounds of things she has been supportive, and probably won't have an issue.

The more you play along and jump through the hoops that they put in front of you, the better you will come across.

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