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TOPIC: Litigant In Person - Cross Examination

Litigant In Person - Cross Examination 4 months 1 week ago #100535

Hello again,

I hope you're all well.

I have a 3 day final hearing coming up in a couple of weeks time, and I wondered if anyone would have any advise for an LIP on how to prepare to present a case and cross-examination of my ex-partner's statements and evidence.

I'm going through the statements and just seem to be picking out questions etc. but it just doesn't feel like its being done correctly or, in an orderly fashion to make sure I have the best chance of presenting my case successfully.

Any advice is gratefully appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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Litigant In Person - Cross Examination 4 months 3 days ago #100596

This if from my experiences of acting LIP.

I went through her statement and listed some notes to work out my questions I needed to ask / challenge her on as I went through it, once I'd reviewed what i'd got I removed any duplicated questions and if i'd spotted contradictory statements in her statement I made sure to put a question about why she says one thing at para 4 page 2 and yet at para 3 page 5 she says this or visa-versa and where I had evidence to prove her lying I would then refer to that piece of evidence in your response to her answers.

make sure anything you use from her statement to question you note the lines, paragraph page number for each to refer the court and her to.

same goes for questioning CAFCASS and or any other experts...make a list as you go through the reports / letters etc.

that for me was the most logical way

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