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TOPIC: C100 section 5

C100 section 5 2 weeks 1 hour ago #105097

Hi. Never used a forum before so i may well be asking for help in the complete wrong place but...

I am taking the ex to court to get access to my 17 month old son. Who has been taken by his mother to an address that i do not know and i have seen him once for 2 hours in a play area in 12 weeks. Anyway..mediation recommend i take thus straight to court as she has previously moved to spain with another of her children when he was a baby. I am concerned this could possibly happen again. Maybe not spain but somewhere that will make it very difficult to see my son if and when i can find him.
Can anyone advise how to fill out section 5a on the c100 form??
Also am i silly to think i can go to court without a solicitor or any help.?

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C100 section 5 2 weeks 1 hour ago #105098

Hi there,

for section 5, is it all to do with MIAM/Mediation?

mediator will need to sign you off, to make court application. they will give you a page, and tick there boxes where it says applicant has sat MIAM by himself/further mediation is not possible etc. and they sign it. you simply add that page to your c100 if paper. if you doing online app, you take that page with you on day of court hearing.

also are you filling in paper application or online?

go to this link and click: check if you can apply online:


much easier than paper version, which looks scary.

you should apply for prohibited steps order for this application aswell, as your ex has history of running off to another country.

yes you can do this without a solicitor. plenty of dads on here who do it alone.

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