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Update 1 month 2 weeks ago #110105

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Hi Guy's

Firstly I would like to thank the lovely people who commented on my previous posts, they really dragged me out of the hole of depression over the past few months, it is very much appreciated and I will be eternally grateful :)

I had the directions hearing yesterday and I pretty much got everything I requested apart from interim contact.

They didn't go for the fact finding hearing and ordered an S7 which I expected anyway, they have ordered that all the previous orders dating back 7.5 years all the social services involvement over the past 12 years including the SS involvement with my daughters sister.

They've ordered TOP's medical records to be disclosed and refused me interim contact due to me waiting to hear back from the CPS to see if im going to be summond to court for taking my girl and TOP's false allegations that I assaulted her which is fair enough.

the next hearing is set for 9 weeks time, if we dont come to an agreement then it will go to a contested hearing next year.

as i applied for an enforcement order then to vary the order later they put me on the spot and said what order are you applying for which I didn't bank on so I siad vary the order for residency which I'm happy about.

I don't think for one minute they will give me residency but I'm hoping we will get shared residency which I will be happy with.

The hearing went really well over the phone it was loads less stress and great I dint have to see TOP I actually really enjoyed it.

For the first tiem in 7.5 years TOP was saying I'm a good dad and she wants me to see my girl ect which shocked me . she did come out with the usual hes controlling abusive violent ect she went on for 5 minutes completely slating me but when asked for incidents when this happened she turned on the waterworks and coukdnt come up with one incident.

I kept my cool throughout and really did learn allot and am pretty proud of how I handled it, I'm really looking forward to the next hearing and feel loads better in general, they've asked SS to do the s7 which was another shocker I dont really know if thats good or bad.

I asked if I could see my girl on her birthday and at christmas but they point blank refused which I think is wrong as it will be atleast 7 months until i see my girl again and I'm absolutely devestated for my girl, poor kid.

All in all it went better than expected, as always i thought the Judge was fantastic and have massive respect for them, cafcass were vile as usual I haven't met a decent one yet tbf I've accepted I'm not going to be seeing my girl until next year but I suppose I have to play the long game.

Thanks again for the support I've received on here

Slim :)

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I'm no way trained in Family court matters so don't take my ramblings as gospel but I've been through the Court mill and learned so much along the way I just like passing my experience on to other Dads who face this absolute nightmare from hell, you might not be able to beat the system but don't let it beat you :)

Update 1 month 2 weeks ago #110107

hi Slim,

it's great that fact finding got skipped. would have been a nuisance and a waste of time. you never know, at your next hearing you may get some interim contact. remember to ask for it. I'm assuming the S7 report will be out in time for your next hearing. it's a shame you got a lousy cafcass officer. i got a decent one, and same woman did 2 s7 reports for me.
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