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As Yoda has said, I can’t see the court being at all happy with what she has done, effectively selling contact to you! So much for her reasons for stopping contact, it’s all about control.

You’re used to playing the long game and it’s better to disconnect emotionally when dealing with her, as you quite rightly point out, it would have cost that to take it to court... hopefully she will get her comeuppance in court.

All the best

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DadTalk Moderator...

I'm not a lawyer or barrister and my responses are based on my own opinions or experiences of the family court.

I may not be legally trained... but I have plenty of experience and common sense!

Court - UPDATE 1 week 6 days ago #97265

wow what a horrible person that ex of his, keep those messages for evidence for later court battles for your son and contact, they will really paint her picture well for the courts!

i can't help but think if Maintenance was not paid direcetly to the RP that they would be less likely to hold contact to the minimum they can to keep the full amount of maintenance payable.
It should be paid to a loadable card in my opinion, one that can only be used to buy specifically for the children. It should not benefit the RP. if they didn't spend every penny and if there was anything left to build up over the years on the card then that could go towards helping the children with Uni, cars, homes etc...

My reasoning for this is...

The RP regardless of children living with her or not has to provide a roof over her head, food, water, energy, heating etc... for herself, to add children to that will increase only the food and i am guessing energy a small amount if of the age of using electronic devices.
It's not to help the RP pay for her car or holidays.

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i'm not legally trained....i'm just a Dad going through hell to see his child grow up and become a decent man and human goal is be the father to my child like my father is to hero.

Started this battle 2010.....who knows when the fighting will stop!

Parental Alienation is real and is abuse!