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TOPIC: Maintenance & Paid Apprentiship

Maintenance & Paid Apprentiship 2 weeks 1 hour ago #97226

Hi all, first post.
My eldest leave school this year (16 in May) he starts a paid apprenticeship with his mums new husband as soon as he finishes school, june after exams.
He will start college in September, one day a week. Salary I have no idea on, working on the assumption that he will be on minimum wage (they're not going to tel me any different are they)

So question
When do I stop paying maintenance?
The arrangement is informal and has run without a hick up for 14 years?
Work is 30 hours plus paid, College 1 day a week paid

I'm completely confused by the jargon, and as his mother has set up the apprenticeship scheme I'massuming it's not a government scheme. Heck, there are only 6 employees.

I'm chuffed he has a path, but would rather help him out for money and stop paying his mother ASAP.

Thoughts please

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Maintenance & Paid Apprentiship 1 week 6 days ago #97245

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Hi there

If it’s been set up by his mum in her husbands company, then I would tend to agree that it wouldn’t be on the approved list.

Generally speaking, maintenance continues after the age of 16, if the child remains in full time, non advanced education; full time means anything above 12 hours a week and non advanced includes college, some apprenticeships, but not university.

As your arrangement is informal, it’s up to you both to sit down and negotiate a way forward that suits. If she understands that she isn’t entitled to continued payment, but you are happy to help out your son directly, that should be acceptable to her... hopefully!

Hope that helps.

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DadTalk Moderator...

I'm not a lawyer or barrister and my responses are based on my own opinions or experiences of the family court.

I may not be legally trained... but I have plenty of experience and common sense!

Maintenance & Paid Apprentiship 1 week 4 days ago #97277

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I agree that if you can keep an informal arrangement that suits you both, then keep on with that. Perhaps you could suggest that you set up a savings account for your son and pay the maintenance into that instead, so that he has a nice sum to help him when he wants a car/house etc.

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