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Social services 2 months 3 weeks ago #98141

I’m being bullied by social. I’m in messed up situation because of my now ex partner. She was the one who physically and mentally abused me. And there was incident were I had to call the police and she attacked them and then tried to slit her wrists in front of them. Basically her way of trying to get away with is by saying I was raping and abusing her( which is not true) but means my baby has been took into foster care because of those allegations. Any help or support would be appreciated thanks

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Social services 2 months 2 weeks ago #98148

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Hi there

I’m so sorry to hear this, it’s often the case that an ex partner will make dreadful allegations to try and cover their own behaviour up.

Although I’m sure her allegations played a part in the decision by Social Services to put your child into foster care, her behaviour in front of the police will also have been a big factor.

If you could tell us a little more about how you think the Social Services are bullying,you, we may be able to offer some advice, if you’d prefer to do that in private, you can send one of us a private message.

Is the username you’ve chosen your real name? If it is, I must advise that it’s always advisable to use a name that doesn’t identify you, especially when dealing with outside agencies and local authorities. This is a public forum and anything said here can be picked up by anyone. If you would like me to ask for,your username to be changed, again just send me a private message with the replacement name you would like.

It might help if you contact Men’s Aid, they’re a charity that helps men that have been a victim of domestic violence and they may also be able to give you support concerning the situation with your child.


You could also try talking to The Famly Rights group, who have a lot of experience with children looked after by Social Services. Here’s a link to their website


Sometimes these situations can seem like the end of the world, but if you do your best to show the authorities that you have your child’s best interests at heart and are willing to work with them, in time things may change for the better.

Stay strong and find some support in your local area, Families Need Fathers run meetings nationally that offer direct advice and support. Here’s a link to their website where you’ll find a list of meetings across the country, hopefully there will be one near you.


Best of luck

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DadTalk Moderator... I'm not legally trained and my responses are my own views based on my experiences of the family court. I have plenty of common sense and can offer you emotional support and guide you to answers.

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