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TOPIC: court and cafcass

court and cafcass 4 months 1 week ago #100536

Hi all,
I am at court soon with ex trying to start contact up with out daughter again
its been over 2 years since she has seen her
ex decided year and half ago she wanted to stop contact and wanted to resume about year later
I told her to go court to get a new contact arrangement order as she barely kept to old one and it caused lots of problems.
We had a court hearing and had to do statements and then cafcass had to check things with ex
Cafcass originally did not complete the things the court had asked in the time frame so court was pushed back
This was despite me calling them countless times to see what was happening
now we are back at court tomorrow and I had to visit cafcass a while ago, they had no background knowledge of the case and had not read my statement ( which they had had for months ) I made them make sure they had it before i left

the court asked for check on my ex home and health
ex told cafcass her home is not in a good state and she wont be taking her there and has lied to cafcass and the court regarding her current boyfriend, she keeps claiming she is single. Cafcass reported that contact should resume with pretty much nothing in the way of making sure my daughter is safeguarded and that should start slow and build up. but there will be no way of knowing where she takes my daughter once contact resumes as she has told my daughter not to say where she has taken her before.

Sorry for the long story just trying to give some background

My problem is cafcass in my opinion did not do a thorough enough check on my ex, They seem to me like they did the easiest and quickest job possible, the court asked them to check her health but nothing was in the report regarding that. The court also asked to check her property but because she said she wont take daughter there they didnt bother checking it. Ex lied about her boyfriend but nothing has been checked.

I am worried that the court will take cafcass report and things my ex has said as gospel and will leave my daughter in a bad position if she takes her to her property or around her boyfriend (who she is obviously hiding for a reason)

how do I let the court know my concerns, I have emailed them but had no response and have complained to cafcass but have got no where with that either

the courts decision affects my whole family and I feel cafcass has not done the job property which means the courts decision could not be the safest possible for my daughter

dont get me wrong my daughter should be seeing her mother, but after the traumatic experiences from the 1st contact arrangement steps and safety precautions need to be put in place to prevent any future problems

does anyone have any help or advise, I am at court tomorrow

thanks in advance

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court and cafcass 4 months 1 week ago #100543

Prior to the court hearing have there been any social services involvement? Drug or alcohol abuse issues? If not then there is no reason for CAFCASS to become deeply involved.

Also if the boyfriend is a law abiding adult then you cannot stop your ex taking your daughter there. The same way if you got a new partner your ex cannot stop you taking your daughter to visit/stay with her.

You also don't have a right to the boyfriend's contact details as long as it is in the same legal jurisdiction, the same way she won't have a right to any new partner you have contact details.

Due to the venom my DP is currently encountering and what some other parents of both sexes I know have encountered, this is for a good reason.

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